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I’m a huge fan of pheromones. I’ve been using them for quite a while now and have tried nearly every single cologne on the market (well that I know of!).5 Best Pheromones For Men 2012

I consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur on them.

And if you’re looking to by pheromones for men to attract women then this is important.

Before you buy pheromones it’s important to ask yourself WHY?

What do I mean by that?

Well – not all pheromone colognes are the same – it all depends on what the ingredients are.

Lately, many pheromone producers are not actually telling us the percentage of pheromones in their colognes or perfumes. They’re keeping their cards close to their chest – which is quite understandable because you wouldn’t want to give your secret recipe away, would you?

Therein lies the problem. Because of this – it’s quite easy for companies to create bogus pheromones colognes, ‘snake oil’, and sell it as the next best thing.

I’ve decided to share my 5 best pheromones for men that I have personally used for years…these have shown me the best results with women.

This is not to say that colognes not mentioned in this list don’t work – this is merely illustrating which ones have helped me the most meet and seduce women (more often than not who are completely out of my league.)

As stated I said before – different pheromone colognes will make women react differently to you…some will make a woman instantly feel at ease with you while another might act as a strong sexual attractant…causing a desire and want for you that you probably wouldn’t have experienced before.

All of my top 5 pheromones for men work differently from each other…but the all have one thing in common:

They WORK!

So, without further ado, here they are:

5 Best Pheromones For Men

#1 Max Attraction Gold – Powerful Sexual Attractant

Max Attraction Gold is a powerful sexual attractant because of its high Androstenone content. What I really love about it is that it doesn’t give off a very intimidating sexual vibe. Some sexual attractant colognes can evoke a very harsh response from women – where Max Attraction Gold works a little differently. It makes women more chatty and friendly in a sexual way. Highly recommended!

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Scent Of Eros – Social Icebreaker

Scent Of Eros works as an excellent ‘icebreaker’ – meaning that the pheromones included in the cologne are aimed at putting a woman at ease with you…making her more relaxed. The key component of Scent Of Eros is androstenol which is a very social or flirty pheromone. Scent Of Eros is a great pheromone to use if you’re looking to meet more women.

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Alpha 7 – Sexual Attractant

I’ve found that Alpha 7 has an incredible effect on women. It’s definitely one of my ‘go to’ colognes when I am out on the prowl looking to bed women. This is not the type of pheromone cologne you wear to school or work – you’ll be sure to cause a lot of sexual tension if you do. Wear this when you’re out looking to get laid – because I have personally found that my hit rate is FAR higher when I use Alpha 7 when I am on the prowl.

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Alfa Maschio – Sexual Attractant

Alfa Maschio is not for the faint hearted…in fact it’s one badass pheromone cologne. Created by Alpha Dream, Alfa Maschio is specifically designed for one particular market – guys who want to give off that ‘bad boy’ aura…All girls love bad boys, right? The idea is that it gives off a chemical message that you are sexually superior…and it works! Highly recommended if you’re looking to pick up women who like bad boys.

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Liquid Trust – Trust

Liquid Trust is a pheromone cologne that does not only contain pheromones, it also has Oxytocin, making it the first product of its kind to contain this ingredient. Oxytocin is a hormone known to promote bonds with others, it creates a sense of trust and strengthen and maintain interpersonal relationships, thus the product’s name. The pheromones included in the product are Androstenone and Androsterone. Androstenone gives off the aura of male dominance while Androsterone works with Oxytocin in promoting a sense of trust and is not as overbearing as Androtenone.

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These are my 5 best pheromones for men. Choose one for the situation you’re going to be in. If you’re looking to pick up that sexy woman at work don’t go for an overpowering sexual attractant…choose something more subtle.

Think there should be another one on the list? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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