Mar 212012

Having read a number of Alpha 7 reviews and how this pheromone cologne had helped a lot of guys pick up women, I was super eager to give it a try.Alpha 7

Alpha 7 is created by Love Scent – who are at the forefront of pheromone technology. So I knew immediately that this wasn’t going to be snake oil…this was going to be a pheromone cologne that actually works…Or so I hoped, anyway.

I remember having a quick glance at the Alpha 7 ingredients – and the thing that struck me immediately was in the incredibly high concentration of Androstenone.

If you’re not familiar with Androstenone – it works as a powerful sexual attractant…and each bottle of Alpha 7 contains a whopping 6mg of the stuff – making it incredibly potent!

Alpha 7 is one heck of a pheromone cologne

It’s important to note that ingredients play a vital role in what effect the pheromone cologne has on the opposite sex.

Alpha 7 pheromone cologne wasn’t designed to be an icebreaker, like Scent Of Eros is (these two work VERY well together, by the way)…it’s created so that it heightens the sexual tension between you and women – making it ideal if you’re looking to have more sexual encounters.

Alpha 7 Pheromones Ingredients

Before we look at the ingredients it’s important to state that a lot of similar pheromone colognes have less than 5mg of pheromones per bottle. And that’s what makes Alpha 7 so powerful…because with every bottle you’ll get 7 mg of pheromones…which is why it is so potent!
Each bottle contains 6mg of Androstenone and 1gm of Androsterone – making it an incredibly powerful sexual attractant. It comes in a 10 ml dripper top bottle.

Does Alpha 7 Pheromone Cologne Work?

Yes! It’s works damn well actually.

This is one brute of a pheromone.

I’ve found that it has an incredible effect on women and it’s one of my favourites to wear when I am looking to increase my chances of having a sexual encounter.

This is not the type of pheromone cologne you wear to school or work…

Wear this when you’re out looking to get laid – because I have personally found that my hit rate is FAR higher when I use Alpha 7 when I am on the prowl.

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Pheromone Advice – Alpha 7 Pheromones Application

Alpha 7 comes in two forms, namely, Alpha 7 Scented and Alpha 7 Unscented.

I have personally only used Alpha 7 Unscented because I have read the scented version has a very unpleasant smell.

Now, you have to be careful…because of the high concentration of  pheromones in every bottle you really don’t need to spray much on yourself.

It’s easy to overdo it when you first get a new pheromone cologne…you instinctively think that the more you add to yourself the better the effects are…

This is not the case with Alpha 7 – less is certainly more and I have seen the best results by applying a single drop to my pulse points. It also means that the bottle lasts a heck of a lot longer – saving you money.

As we’ve said – this is an incredibly powerful sexual attractant…and to get $20 off the normal price click on the link below:


Alpha 7 Testimonials

Don’t just take my word for it, check out what Alvaro has to say:

Alpha 7 Review

Alpha 7 Is A Powerful Sexual Attractant

“Well it definitely exceeded my expectations. It won’t make you James bond but it will give you an edge…. a really big edge if you know how to use it properly. I’ve gotten results. They’re subtle but you have to know how to look for them. Women weren’t falling all over me but you definitely get more attention. 8 times out of 10 I’ve noticed this intense unblinking stare and when I field tested it in the mall two girls that I approached were first taken aback but after a minute or two they really got into me and it seemed as if they were fighting for my attention. When one won the other left claiming that they had to go work and the other one stayed with me for a good TEN minutes. I actually had to remind her that she had to go back to work. I’m not a bad looking guy but I’ve never gotten that type of attention before. The scent is very musky so you have to know the Alpha 7 to cologne ratio. Do it right and you get really good reactions. Too much and you will get the opposite including aggression from other guys… weird. Maybe a placebo effect but I’m starting to think this stuff works. I left my buddy borrow it and he noticed more attention from women at the club. I recommend this if you got game and can talk to women. It gives you and extra edge.”


Have YOU tried Alpha 7 or do you have any questions? Leave a comment below:

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Aug 072011

Scent Of Eros was one of the first pheromone colognes that I ever heard about. It’s said to be the real original pheromone cologne as it is the first of its kind released in the market. Its creator, James V. Kohl, was said to be among the first people to start researching on pheromones back in the mid 1990s and even wrote a book regarding his research and product.Scent Of Eros

It’s sold by Luv Essentials, who are the same company that sell the powerful sexual attractant Max Attraction Gold (in fact, they work VERY well together)

Some of my first ever experiences with pheromones were with Scent Of Eros. It’s a perfect cologne for those new to pheromones and here’s why:

Every pheromone cologne has a different effect on women…the ingredients play a huge role in the way women react to you.

Scent Of Eros is an “icebreaker” pheromone, meaning that the ingredients are designed to put women at ease. One of the key pheromones in Scent Of Eros is androstenol, which is a very social pheromone. This will help put women at ease…and they’ll become far more confident around you.

Scent of Eros Ingredients

The product comes in a 10mL bottle and each bottle contains 5 mg of pheromones. Key pheromone ingredients include androsterone and androstenol. These pheromones are said to give men a more pleasant masculine appeal.

Scent of Eros is premixed with a great musk fragrance and as it comes in an easy to carry roll-top bottle, it is also easy to use. To use, apply on your wrists and around your neck. If you are using the gel version of this product, you can spread it out over a larger surface area.

Does Scent of Eros Work?

YES! Scent of Eros works VERY well.

Scent Of Eros is one of my favourite pheromone colognes, and has been for quite some time. So it should come as no surprise that this pheromone product is among the most popular on the market and as it is not exactly a new product, people are using it for years. Majority of users, including me, have had incredible success using Scent of Eros.

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Pheromone Advice – Scent Of Eros Application

Unlike a lot of other pheromone colognes, Scent of Eros has quite a pleasant, musk fragrance. You can, however, buy it in an unscented version too.

It comes in as a roll on, which means it’s very easy to take with you when you’re out and about. Generally Scent Of Eros lasts from 4 – 6 hours once it’s applied to your body. I recommend applying this pheromone cologne to your neck and wrists for best results.

If you’re going to be out for an extended amount of time be sure to take it with you – then you can easily reapply when needed. The best part about having it as a roll on is that you limit the amount of wastage. As can happen with sprays, you can sometimes miss your mark and waste valuable pheromones.


Scent Of Eros – The Perfect Icebreaker

As I’ve said before – Scent Of Eros is the perfect icebreaker. If you struggle to approach women then this is the pheromone cologne for you.
This is a good pheromone based product for guys that are new to pheromones to try because it does come with a pleasant smell which is not overbearing and it is fairly easy to apply.

Scent Of Eros

Scent Of Eros - The Perfect Icebreaker

Here’s what I personally do to get the most out of Scent Of Eros:

Because it’s a powerful icebreaker, you can use it in unison with Max Attraction Gold (which is a powerful sexual attractant). That way you are getting the best of both worlds…You’ll have be putting women at ease with you while sexually arousing them.

It’s a seriously potent combination and you can grab them both by clicking on the link below:


Have you tried Scent Or Eros or have any questions? Let me know your thoughts by commenting below.

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Jul 122011

Having read a bunch of Max Attraction Gold reviews on various websites I was intrigued. There are so many claims of its strength and effectiveness…and I remember thinking to myself – “this is definitely one pheromone cologne I HAVE to try”Max Attraction Gold Review

Here’s the thing is – there are so many pheromones colognes on the market at the moment…and it can be very difficult to know exactly which ones work best for you.

It’s also important to note that the ingredients go into pheromone colognes like Max Attraction Gold do will determine how they work on women…namely what effect the pheromones have on women.

Max Attraction Gold is by no means a new kid on the block. It’s developed by Luv Essentials who are based in Florida.

The first thing that struck me was the high amount of pheromones per bottle – 17.8 milligrams. Looking closer at the ingredients I saw that there was an unusually high amount of Androstanone which works as a powerful sexual attractant.

This is my kinda pheromone.

At time of research I was not looking for a pheromone cologne that would make my life approaching women easier – I was looking for something that would stir up sexual emotions in them…have them thinking about what it would be like to get me into bed…that type of pheromone cologne really excited me.

With such a high concentration of pheromones, it promises to greatly improve a man’s aura by making him appear dominant and at the same time exotic. These characters are what make most women fall for a man.

What Are The Magic Ingredients, Then?

  •     Androstanone
  •     Androsterone
  •     Androstenol
  •     Dehydroisandrosterone
  •     Epoxyestratrienol
  •     Tetrahydrodeoxycorticosterone

It also has Oxytocin Analog mixed with SD40-B, an ethanol base. This formulation help give the product maximum potency and the manufacturer guarantee that a single spray can last for 4 hours.

Does Max Attraction Gold Work?

In short, yes…HELL YES

Max Attraction Gold works…and it works WELL!

I’ve found it has an incredible effect on women (I’ve experienced it first hand) and seems to be a near unstoppable sexual attractant.

So if you’re looking to sexually attract more women then I highly recommend you try this out.

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Right now, Luv Essentials are selling Max Attraction Gold for $30 off – so now’s a great time to buy it.


Pheromone Advice’s Best Results Application Strategy

If you’ve had any experience with pheromones you’ll know that when you first get a new cologne it’s easy to go overboard. It’s easy to spray a crap load on yourself because you think that it’s going to work better…be more potent…and have a much more influential effect on women.

But be warned – Max Attraction Gold is badass. It’s incredibly potent so in this case less is definitely more (which I love – because it means I get more bang for my buck!)

Simply spray 1 drop when you use it. The smell isn’t great – but don’t let that put you off. It’s super effective.

Just one drop can really make a huge difference in the way women see you…



But don’t just take my word for it:

Max Attraction Gold Testimonials

Harris says:

“I received the pheromones and am extremely stunned by the results. I went to a night club on Friday night and wore Max Attraction Gold while my Friends wore expensive Colognes without pheromones. I found myself being approached by all the hot ladies, even taking me around the corner for a quick kissing and touching and coming back after a good experience. It happened at least 14 to 17 .Max Attraction Gold has a scent that makes me smell well in my own special way and I had only used one spray as suggested.”

And Jerry says:

“Quite simply this product (Max Attraction) eliminates the competition. I have attended networking events using this product only to find that I am receiving all the attention. It’s absolutely amazing. Even standing in line at a grocery store can cause women to engage in conversation and show interest. I have been using it for years and would highly recommend its use to gain an ‘unfair advantage’. Thanks Guys!”

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Max Attraction Gold works VERY well with Scent Of Eros.

Have YOU tried Max Attraction Gold? Let me know your experience…

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