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When buying a product for personal use, i.e. an acne removal cream, shampoo, etc., it is always a good idea to know what the product is made up of. This reduces the risk of side effects or ending up with a product that can’t work for you. Buying pheromone products is no different – before you complete the purchase, be sure that you are aware of the ingredients that were used.

The ingredients in pheromone products can indicate if it can deliver promised results or not. Also, it is important to know the types of pheromones found in a product. Pheromones have various types and they also have different functions, male pheromones attract women and female pheromones attract men. There are also neutral pheromones that merely make men and women like you but not to be sensually attracted to you. There are also specially formulated pheromones intended for homosexuals.

Humans have the ability to detect pheromones although these chemicals are virtually odorless through an organ found in the nasal regions called the Vomeronasal organ or VNO. Once a person’s VNO detects your pheromones, the organ will send these to the hypothalamus which will then cause a subconscious emotional reaction i.e. instant attraction, arousal, friendliness, etc. towards you.

The following are the most commonly used ingredients in pheromone products:

Androsterone – on some cologne or perfume labels, this pheromone may be listed as Arone or Rone. This scent is identified with alpha males and it is a masculine pheromone. It conveys superiority and when women’s VNOs detect this, they associate the scent with masculinity, strength, protection, and comfort. It is but natural for women to be instantly drawn to a man who is emitting this type of pheromone.

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Androstenone – this is another masculine pheromone which may be listed as Anone or None in pheromone product labels. This pheromone offers remarkable results as it is a powerful female attractant. Androstenone conveys dominance and aggressiveness and in fact men tend to avoid guys wearing this type of pheromone. Androstenone is the pheromone linked strongly to the human ‘mating response’.

Androstenol – a lot of pheromone colognes make use of this natural chemical and is often listed as Anol or Nol. It is also called as the ‘ice breaker’ pheromone. If you wear this pheromone product, the receivers or the people who detect this will perceive you as a friendly, youthful and outgoing individual. This pheromone can help make it easy for you to strike up a conversation with people or with a person you are specially attracted to.

Copulins – these are pheromones produced only by women. Copulins are secreted into the vagina during ovulation with the intention of enticing males to copulate. These pheromones primarily consist of fatty acids that would serve little to no function on their own however when combined, they have the capability of increasing a man’s testosterone levels by 150%. If a woman with high copulins is present, a man may have an inexplicable feeling of arousal. It is also said that this female pheromone can instantly turn you into an irresistible femme fatale to the men around you.

A lot of pheromone products today also include other hormone based scents like oxytocin, vomeropherin, estratetraniol and axillary scents. There are also products that are scented like pheromone perfumes and colognes while some are odorless like most pheromone sprays and concentrates. These main ingredients’ concentration range from 10% to 18% and if you want a product that can deliver the best results, look for one with higher pheromone concentrates.

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